Lekaa Swedan

Full name: Lekaa Yehya Swedan.

She was born in Cairo where she loved acting since childhood and she entered the acting world early as a child with both stars Soad Hosny and Ahmed Zaky in the episodes (Tales he and she), in 1985 .

In 1990 she played different simple roles in more than one episode for example "Paper World" Riddles Program with the Star Nelly, "Rafat Al-hagan" episodes second part and "a Bride is wanted".

In 1992 she participated in the 3rd part of (Rafat Al-hagan) episodes then she joined the Higher Institute of Music (the Conservatoire) then she joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts where she was graduated in 2000 and in the same year she took part in       "Al-hassan Al-basry", "My Dear Professor Blessed Us" and "Opera Aida" episodes.

In 2001 she played different roles in "the Family and People", "Al-halawany Gate" 3rdpart episodes.

In 2002 she played roles in "Long Life Justice", "Egyptian Paper" 2nd part, "a Man in the Time of Globalization" and "the Spice Dealer and Seven Girls" episodes.

In 2003 she took part in "Wisdom lights", "the story of a contemporary Husband" and "the Girls" episodes.

In 2004 she played roles in her first films "France My Aunt" as well as "Eye of the Bird" in addition to the episodes "Imam Al-nassaey" and "Batta and her Sisters".

In 2005 she participated in "Winter Roses", "Imam Mohamed Abdo", "Confessions of Foxes",  "Without Time", "Al-ashoriyya Biography" and "El-harafish" 2nd part episodes.

In 2006 she took part in "Notebook For Every Citizen", "No One sleep in Alex", "a Woman From Upper Egypt" and "Al-zafrany lane" episodes in addition to "Hello Bakwat" play.

In 2007 she played different roles in "Al-teeb Way", "a very poor and rich man", and "Almedandesh Tales" episodes, in addition to "Mind your own Business" film.

In 2008 she took part in "Ali Mobark" episodes and "Zaki in the Ministry" play.

In 2009 she Participated in "Toto Family Tale", "a Murderer without a wage" and "If you Forgot" episodes.

In 2010 she played different roles in radio series "His nice Time" and "King of the Beggars" play in addition to "Assassination of shams" series.

In 2011 she took part in "Valley of the Kings"episodes and "Animal stories in the Koran" animation series.

In 2012 she participated in "Bats" and "such Roses" episodes.

In Ramadan season 2013 she played different roles in "Weakness Point", "Minors" and "Khalafallah" episodes.

Her Animation Works:

She participated by her voice in some famous animation series for example:-

- Cartoon "Egyptian Salad" Maged Rashad.

- "Animal Stories in the Koran".

- "Man Stories in the Koran".

- "Women Stories in the Koran".

- "Jinn in Tarazan".

- "Gessy Toy store", "Nabila in Nabila and the distracted" and "the Princess doesn't remember her name in Molan".