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14th Cairo International Animation Forum
ملتقي القاهرة الدولي للرسوم المتحركة الدورة الرابعة عشر

Participaties 14th Cairo International Animation Forum

He Was a Good Friend
An old school photo, memories and the journey of a man looking for a lost friend.
This is the story of a meeting between an astonishing robot from outer space and an adorable little bird just hatched from its egg….
Lucky Man
A man plays and wins. He’s euphoric, but... A different game, a different winning player
I will Take Your Shadow
Two brothers flee home during the Nazi regime. Generations later, their granddaughter weaves a dreamlike story of the untold past crossing into the present.
Mboa Matanda
General Dibombè of the Cayman canton is commissioned by god Jengu, to restore peace with the Crab canton without bloodshed.
I am From This Country
A film about the three Naqada civilizations and their famous industries in a comic way
A young woman visits her homeland for the first time on a trip to search for her home.
Cricket & Antoinete
Ket, a guitar playing cricket, leads a band to entertain the carefree bugs. Nearby lives Antoinette, heiress of the anthill where music is forbidden but only hard work is allowed.
Fading light
A girl grows up in a violent family, which affected her, and causing her to disconnect from the present.
3 Little Kungpoo Goats
There is a ceasefire between Predators and preys protected by the Ninja Warrior "Red Shadow" The wolf decides to hunt little goats without breaking the truce and the red shadow reaction
Apres Papi
Haunted by the terrifying ghost of his grandpa, Loup, a little boy obsessed with insects, will have to outcome his fear to discover why it came back.
Three Little Pigs & The Red Riding Hood
A retelling of the tales “3 Little Piggies” and “The Little Red Riding Hood”, which are connected through a common character between the stories.