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14th Cairo International Animation Forum
ملتقي القاهرة الدولي للرسوم المتحركة الدورة الرابعة عشر

Participaties 14th Cairo International Animation Forum

Sometimes friendship is born from a bouquet of flowers... and from the encounter between childhood and old age
Young Ethel discovers in the cellar a box with clothes that belonged to her late mother and embarks to unearth memories.
A girl with curly hair is being criticized by her friends. She uses a hair straightener
In Vain
Gabriel, a Savoyard farmer, is living a daily life full of habits, until the routine starts falling apart giving us a glimpse of the coming downfall.
The Date
A schoolchild as a homework must learn the dates of the invasion of his homeland., he tries to remember, but cannot come to terms with these dates. He then falls asleep. He dreamed of war.
That Doesn't Fit
Various uncomfortable scenarios where people fit in too much, rife with satire and social commentary.
Kipu is a luxury chauffeur in a dark city, where the streets are full of cars and black cats. After he accidentally runs over the entire family of a little cat called Suruaika, Kipu adopts her and does all he can to keep her safe..
Blue Fish
Insomnia is a terrible thing that makes falling asleep a difficult task, as if you are being exposed to a storm of thoughts.
3 Little Kungpoo Goats
There is a ceasefire between Predators and preys protected by the Ninja Warrior "Red Shadow" The wolf decides to hunt little goats without breaking the truce and the red shadow reaction
A man overbard, does not know if he stranded on an island or that he is hallucinating while drowning.
What does a poet put in his luggage? Books, ideas, blank pages, and all the trips ready to be written.
On a rainy evening, one drunk man overturned a wine bottle, the it drank a book down, and the book raped the shoes. The raped shoes gave birth to a crumpled sock.