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14th Cairo International Animation Forum
ملتقي القاهرة الدولي للرسوم المتحركة الدورة الرابعة عشر

Participaties 14th Cairo International Animation Forum

Listen to Us
An Arabic song in sign language for the hearing impaired and deaf persons.
Orders of Love
Author's self-analysis on her relationship with her father in the context of dramatic family events.
Tomorrow Will Be Better
A film about rationalizing electricity consumption and the danger of children playing in electricity sources..
Hekima Ya Usawa
Usawa, a young African warrior, uses the wisdom of his ancestors to become who he really is in order to defend his motherland.
Monochrome Myopia
A young witch who always strives for perfection. Especially in her potions and spells.
To Find You
A woman undertakes the journey of her life, on a barge, alone at sea, in search of her love. She finds challenges along the way.
When hallucinations mix with reality, a woman may turn into a chicken.
He Was a Good Friend
An old school photo, memories and the journey of a man looking for a lost friend.
The Stranger
What does this stranger want, blocking the road? In order to find out, no need to shout, just ask him!
The Whale
A young man leaves his dying mother in hospital and discovers a whale washed up on a beach. The Whale tells a story of mourning through dreamed memories.
In the eyes of a toddler phone-users are like zombies.
Hot Weather
The film talks about the importance of plants in confronting climate change, as the girl finds a tree that saves her from the extreme heat.