Ahmed Amin

- He's an Egyptian Artist and Writer and he was born in 1980 .

- He was graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Cairo 2002 .

- He worked as an actor and theater director in a lot of Plays which were performed on the state theater .

He wrote many cartoon series like :-

- Socker and Bangar Series in 2006 .

- Carakeeb or scattered things series (several parts) .

- Bessnet and Dyasty in 2008 (several parts) .

- Captain Azoz in 2009 (joint production) .

- He worked at Bassem children Magazine from 2005 and he was graduated in positions till he became the editor in chief and he produced a lot of documentary and short dramatic films for five years .

- He produced some episodes for the social media sites the most famous is "30 seconds" series .

- He produced, directed and presented (Albrake)  2015 .

- He starred and presented "The Platoh" program on Al nahar Network in 2016 .

- He won a lot of prizes in children's literature, the media, presenting programs and script writing .

His program "The Platoh"earned several prizes and honors for example :-

- The best comedy program prize at the Festival of Arab Satellite channels .

- The best comedy program at Cairo Mondial for Artistic Works and Media .

- The best comedy program from Gest Monastery .

- He was also awarded from Baheyya Hospital, Cairo Festival for Arab Media, Helwan University and American University in UAE.