The regulations of Cairo international animation forum

Organizer: cultural development fund

Duration: the forum takes place during October every year

General aims: The forum aims to achieve several goals, which are summarized as following:

  • Spreading a stream of public awareness and enlightenment of the importance of the art of animation and introducing its importance.

• Raising the artistic savor of the viewers & audience and young professionals in the animation film industry and exchanging experiences by meeting other cultures through contact with various types of films and projects.

  • Supporting cooperation and communication (Egyptian / Arab / international) between producers and creators who are working in the animation film industry through their participation in the forum.
  • Developing the technical and artistic skills of young filmmakers and encourage the novices among them by reviewing the experiences of the participants in the forum.
  •  Opening new markets for companies, producers and workers in this field to market business, films and technical expertise.