13th Cairo International Animation Forum prizes


First Work Competition

First Prize

Bring It Back to Life by   Maya Mazhar El Sayed El Shami             Egypt

Second Prize

Pop and Mima   by   Ahmed Oncy Mahmoud                                    Egypt


Short Animation Film competition

First prize

Dry Season Fruits    by   Dinko Kumanović              Croatia

 Second Prize

  Diya    by  Moayad Alhariry  -  Netherlands                           


  Experimental Animation Film Competition

 First prize

  War     by   Dimitar Dimitrov  -  Bulgaria       


 Second Prize

  Chitchat  by Elisa Baud , Jeanne Dalmas , Flore pean , Gabin Ageorges, Bradley Lejeune   -    France                     


 Feature Animation Film Competition

 First prize

            Teddy Boom  by  Denis Chernov  - Russian Federation

Second Prize

The Everlasting Story by Andrey Kolpi - Russian Federation


Animation advertisements, Movie Introductions and Series Introductions Competition

First prize

Folklor Show ( La Pome)  by  Ahmed Onsy  - Egypt

Second Prize

Pastry by Islam Ahmed El Sayed - Egypt


Certificates of Merit for :

Jury Certificate for Nadine Gamal - Charlie the Cat Series

Best Music for Al-Azhar in the era of the Ottoman Empire by Mohamed Ahmed Badawi -  Egypt

Best Character Design for Opal by Alan Bidard - France, Martinique

Best Director for Teddy Boom by Denis Chernov - Russian Federation

Best Background for advertisement (Mansour) by Amr Kamal Yassin - Egypt