Hany Abdelkahlek Hassan

  • Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University – 1993
  • He taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts from 1994 to 1997
  • Artistic Director of the Backgrounds Department at Cairo Cartoon Animation company by prof. Mona Abu Nasr, who participated in many works that were shown on Egyptian television (such as Bakkar - Sinbad the sailor- Kani and Mani) from 1993 to 1999.
  • Director of animation projects at "Nahdet Misr" company from 2001 to 2018, Which carried out many cartoon works (such as supplications for children - Zizou's children series - Battles of the Messenger - Master of Android - Noor series and History Gate)
  • CEO of the Jordanian company "Tumandora"- 2019.
  • He participated in many works as a backgrounds artist outside Egypt with many directors:

Director/ Osama Khalifa (Saudi Arabia)

Director/ Abdulaziz Othman (Saudi Arabia)

Director/ Mostafa Almerayat  (Jordan)

The works he participated in and won prizes

  • The Golden Pyramid from the 7th Cairo International Film Festival for directing the film (Enchanted Treasure Apple) - March 1997 (Cairo Cartoon company)
  • The Golden Prize from the Cairo Television Festival, July 1997, for the movie (Bakkar), (Cairo Cartoon company).-
  • The Golden Award for the "Bakkar" series from the 7th Cairo Television Festival in July 2001 (Cairo Cartoon company).
  • The Golden Award, Cairo Arab Media Festival, 2010, for the animation series (Zizou) (Egypt's Renaissance company).


  • Best Animation backgrounds Award from the 6th  Arab Animation Forum Festival (2013) (Ashab aloukhdoud) (animation) Directed by prof. Mustafa Al-Farmawy

- Best Animation backgrounds Award from the 7th  Arab Animation Forum Festival (2014). For the movie (Hero from Upper Egypt) (Zamzam Media company), directed by prof. Zainab Zemam