Sherif Nour

Music composer & arranger

  • Academic studies: Bachelor of Music Education, Helwan University 1982, (majoring in piano and flute)
  • Considered one of the first composers to be interested in sound tracks designing for animation films in Egypt.
  • He received a training grant from the German "Hans Seidel" Foundation in Munich (1996) and trained by the German artists at Bavaria TV.
  • The Canadian Parliament honored him twice during the Egyptian Music Festival in Montreal and Ottawa, 2014 and 2016.
  • He received many awards in the field of soundtrack and soundtrack design from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.
  • He arranged the music for all the works of the "Mont Cairo" group for Egyptian songs and music.
  • The leader and maestro of the great artist (Mohamed Mounir's) band for more than 25 years and until now
  • He composed the soundtracks for dozens of documentaries, feature films and short films