The regulations of Cairo international animation forum

Organizer: cultural development fund

Duration: the forum takes place during October every year

General aims: The forum aims to achieve several goals, which are summarized as following:

  • Spreading a stream of public awareness and enlightenment of the importance of the art of animation and introducing its importance.

• Raising the artistic savor of the viewers & audience and young professionals in the animation film industry and exchanging experiences by meeting other cultures through contact with various types of films and projects.

  • Supporting cooperation and communication (Egyptian / Arab / international) between producers and creators who are working in the animation film industry through their participation in the forum.
  • Developing the technical and artistic skills of young filmmakers and encourage the novices among them by reviewing the experiences of the participants in the forum.
  •  Opening new markets for companies, producers and workers in this field to market business, films and technical expertise.



Forum competition sections:


  • First work competition
  • Short Animation film competition
  • Experimental Animation Film Competition
  • Animation Feature Film Competition
  • Animation advertisements competition, movie introductions and series introductions




Animation exhibition: On the sidelines of the forum, an exhibition will be held for the drawings of distinguished animation films, their drawings, and the production requirements for these films - graphics and backgrounds for the sequences of series, films and advertisements.

Seminars and testimonials: Presented on the sidelines of the forum and testimonies from the pioneers of the field of animation films industry, and seminars that pose obstacles to work and production... and prospects for development and challenge.

Workshops: Animation arts workshops are held on the sidelines of the forum.

Honoring: The Forum honors every year a number of pioneers and legends of motion arts.


Forum Awards:

Cairo international animation forum awards its prizes as follows:

* A financial prize for the work that won the first and second place for each branch of the competition

* Certificates of Appreciation:

Best directing - best character design - best music - best decoration &backgrounds



Forum committees:

- The Higher Organizing Committee for Preparation: is under the supervision of the head of the Cultural Development fund sector, and the membership of a group of senior animation artists and directors in Egypt and the director of the Talaat Harb Cultural Center.

- Viewing Committee: It is the same as the Higher Organizing Committee for preparation

- Jury committees: consists of four of top Egyptian animation artists and directors, voting process is by the majority of the committee members’ opinions.

- Technical Committee: to organize presentations, seminars, exhibition of drawings and technical workshops.



Terms of participation in the forum

  • The Forum accepts in its competition all animated films and series from all kinds, regardless of the quality of implementation, without specifying a maximum duration of the work, and a minimum of one minute.


  • The participating works in the competition are accepted, not more than two passed years, since their production, from all production places and studios, producing animation films in Egypt and from all Arab and foreign countries, as well as films of student projects and graduates of specialized colleges and institutes.
  • Arab and foreign ministries of culture have the right to nominate specialized associations to participate in the forum, and Arab and foreign creators and producers may participate in the forum in their personal capacity as individuals or companies.
  • It is not allowed to enter the contestant with more than one work in the same section of the competition.
  • The Cultural Development Fund has the right to keep and display the participating works within its cultural centers.
  • The contestant has the right to participate in the following competition branches: (First work competition - Animation short films competition - Experimental animation competition - Animation feature film competition - Animation announcements competition, film introductions and series introductions."