Ashraf Mohamed Hamzawi

Born in 1964.

He has got the bachelor from Higher Institute of Cinema - Animation Department 1989 and he works as an Animator.

He joined I.A.T Company during his study at the Higher Institute of Cinema where he was given the opportunity to be among the first group to study computer science and use it practically in their field of specialization under the supervision of PH.D Mostafa Osman.

He worked at I.A.T Company as a designer and performer of animation works of the general form of computer programs which are designed at the Company Desktop - Layouts - Logos.

He worked at Americana Agency 1989 - 1990,Technical Department immediately after graduation where he designed the general format of some magazines and advertising bulletins of the Agency.

He worked at the Shorouq Company for Art Production 1992 - 1993 and was assigned in the Section of Visual Effects and 3D Animation and this company was distinguished by having the latest equipments and programs of 3D animation as well as bringing experts from Europe, U.S and Canada to transfer their expertise and training specialists in this field in the company and he was Lucky to learn the latest techniques by the German Expert "Sommer Oliver" and he was chosen to work with him to implement 3D animation and visual effects in advertising and documentary films.

He worked at Empire Studios Company 1994 - 1997 and this was the real friction and review of skill and experience in the field of 3D Animation and Visual Effects because the company had a good reputation among many customers special in the field of advertising and propaganda and through his work he implemented ideas for many creators like Ahmed El-Minshawy and Mohamed Hamdallah.

He took part in plays and films of great directors like Daoud Abd El-Sayed - Yosry Nasrallah - Shereif Arafa - Mohamed Khan - Samir Saif - Mohamed Abo Saif - Osama Fawzi and Marawan Hamid.

He worked at 1997 Sams Post Production Co in 2008 .

He also worked at Timecode Post Production in 2008 under the supervision of the engineer Mohamed Abo El-Saad.

He participated in many artistical works like One Thousand Nights and Night - The Headmaster Film - The Son of a Wealthy Man Film - Abood On The Frontiers Film- The Great Beans Of China Film - The Cousins Film - The Island Film part 1 - The Island Film part 2 - Narrate Shahrazad- Fish Park - Unusual Abilities - Natural Colors Film - Let The Brain Awake Film- The White Ibrahim Film - The First in Love Film - His Excellency Minister Film- Days of Sadat Film - Critical Moments Series - Rayya and Sekina Series - Dahsha Series - Asia Series - Friendly Fires Series - Professor and Head of Department Series.