Ibrahim Mousa Mostafa

Born in Cairo on 13th August 1970 .

He has got the Bachelor from the Higher Institute of Cinema, Decorative Section, 1991-1992 .

Cartoonist at a caricature program consisted of 60 series at Baby Film Studio directed by Fayza Hussain 1991-1992 .

Cartoonist for the works of Al Sehr Animation Company in 1992 like:-

Designing backgrounds for the short film Khasran and Rehan directed by Attiya Adel Khairy in 1992 .

Cartoon Series Mero and Marmar 30 episodes directed by Attiya Adel Khairy in 1993.

Co-director of a Cartoon Series by the name The Story of a verse consisted of 11 episodes and each one durates for 20 minutes directed by the late Mohamed Hassib 1994-1996 .

Co-director and Cartoonist of The Series Pearles nets, 30 episodes directed by the late Mohamed Hassib in 1997 .

Designing and implementing promo group and breaks for Artins Children Channel which is affiliated with ART 1998-2000 channels Group.

Cartoonist for the series Inch and a Half directed by Zakaria Abd El-Aal 2002 .

Artistic supervisor for all the works of Al sehr Company for Animation 2003 .

Cartoonist for the Series Worry makes you laugh directed by Taher Roshdy and the late caricature artist Mostafa Hussain 2003 .

Director of cinematic tricks for some works like the film day of Dignity directed by Ali Abd El-Khaliq 2003, the film Zaza directed by Ali Abd El-Khaliq 2006, the way of a good man series directed by Nader Galal, UAE Series Ghashmash 2007, Shaq El-Thoban "The name of a Neighborhood in Cairo" series directed by Ahmed Yehya 2008 and The Second Gate Series directed by Ali Abd EL-Khaliq 2009 .

Artistic supervisor for Cartoon Series Habatbat 30 episodes directed by Zakaria Abd EL- Aal 2007 .

Artistic supervisor for the Saudi Cartoon Series A Moment of Happiness 30 episodes directed by Zakaria Abd El-Aal 2008 .

Artistic supervisor for The Series 3D The Children of Temba 30 episodes directed by Tamer Nadi 2014 .

Artistic supervisor for a collection of episodes by The Name Safe Internet directed by Mohamed Sabry 2016 .

Executive director for The Cartoon Film Knight and The Princess "100 minutes" directed by Basheer El-Deek and it will be displayed at the Cinemas next summer 2019 Inshaa Allah.