Professor Mohamed Abd El Muti

Born on 8th September 1943.

He has got bachelor of acting and directing from Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts.

Higher Studies in Theater Directing (Max Reinhard Seminar Institute).

Doctor of Philosophy in Theater Science, Vienna University.

In the field of Theater Directing:-

He has obtained the cheerleading state Enthusiasm prize in Arts, Child Theater on Bird of Paradise Show.

Member of the Theater Production Authority, (Borge Theater, Vienna) and he directed two plays (Patient of Illusion) written by Molier and (Alaqba or the obstacle) written by George Fodo.

Director of a collection of Plays Like (Be Careful Gentleman), (Strangers don›t drink coffee), (Planet of Mice) and (Bird of Paradise).

Preparing and acting a Play by the name (The Wonderful Well).

Directing the Play (Our Journal).

Directing the Opera (Sayed Darwesh Birthday).

Directing the Play (Safrota In The Forest).

Directing the Play (Conference of Animals).

In the Field of Directing and Acting, Arts of Dubbing:-

Directing the dubbing of film (The Rock).

Directing the dubbing of the American Film (Journey of The Wicked) con Air.

Directing the dubbing of cartoon film (Tarazan) produced by Walt Disney.

Directing the dubbing of cartoon series (Journey of the Wicked).

Directing the dubbing of cartoon series (The Book of Pooh).

He performed the acoustic starring in series (Up) produced by Walt Disney.

Artistic Achievements in the Field of Theatrical Acting:-

He was the Star of Plays like (Soldiers and Thieves), (Sultan of His Time), (The Angel Landed in Babylon), (Sinbad), (Strangers don't drink Coffee), (Conference of Animals), (Shahrzad).

He took part in the Play (My Country my Country).

In the field of Television, Cinematic and Operatic Acting:-

He has got the Best Actor Prize (Golden Creativity Prize) in the 6th Radio and Television Festival for his starring in the film (Snowbism).

He was The Star of Episodes Like (Sombol after the Million), (Halawani Gate), (The Thief and The Book), (Fertigoi), (Asia) and (The Fortune Teller).

He was The Star of Film (Snowbism).

He participated in the films (H Hornet), (Killed Photographer) ,(Original Japanese) ,(Opera House).

He was the Star of The German Film (The Pianolla Man Without a Coat).

In the Field of Operatic Theater Acting:-

He took part in (Four Seasons), (The Wolf Petro), (Animal Carnival) and (Story of a Soldier).