Great Artist / Hany Shonoda

He's Egyptian music composer.

He was born in 1943 in Tanta Egypt.

He discovered many Egyptian vocal talents and singers.

He was the Founder of the first band for collective singing.

He was graduated from the college of Music and then he joined the Higher Institute of Music (The Conservatoir).

He discovered the Singer Mohamed Mounir and composed 4 songs of his first albums (They Taught Me Your Eyes) and the whole songs of the album were distributed by him.

He composed four songs of Mohamed Mounir's second album (We are born) and the album songs were distributed by him.

He discovered the singer Amr Diab in a musical party of Al-masryeen Band in Port-said and he convinced him to travel to Cairo to study music and he presented him to the Public through his album (Way) and composed four songs for him as well as distributing the whole songs of the album.

He composed a collection of songs for singers like Nagat and Fayza Ahmed.

He composed the albums of Al-masryeen Band (I Love You No), (Freedom), (The Beautiful Woman Walking), (A Lot of Girls), (I Start a New) and (The Chance of Justice).

He composed the sound track of many films and episodes like (I Forget I'm a Woman), (The Skilled Player), (A Stranger in My House), (The Green Sinbad), (The Man Who Sold The Sun), (Shams Al-Zanaty), (Hamada and Toto Gang), (The Ghoul) ,(The Dirty Game), (The Dream of a Poorman), (Wolves Trap), (Foxes), (Rabbits), (Our Sweet Dreams), (The Fierce), (The Conflict of Beautiful Woman), (She and The Giant), (Crazy Woman and Love), (A Man from Upper Egypt in The Army), (Titans), (The Ambush), (Titans Trap), (Band 13), (The Virgin and Scorpion), (The Lomangy or Prisoner from Leman Tora), (My Intention Not to Stay), (Suspect), (El-Moled or Religious Festival), (The Avocato).

In the area of animation he composed the music of films like (Unless) directed by Ahmed Shokry, (El-Mohaya Lemon) directed by Rida Gobran, (Mr Violet) directed by Osama Abo Zaid, (Farfour) directed by Rash Mohamed.

He composed a lot of children songs for Salah Jaheen, Shawky Hejab and Amr Diab.