Maher Danyal Garass

He works now as a director at specialized channels Sector, Egyptian Television, Maspero.

He was graduated from Higher Institute of Cinema, Animation.

Before graduating from the Academy of Arts he began his artistic life at Hussein Gassar Artistic Agency as a painter of cinema posters and he worked also at many advertising agencies as a painter and advertisement designer (story board) and after graduation and termination of military service he worked at Al-sehr company for Animation where he started working in this area and he took part there in many activities which won prizes in a lot of festivals.

He travelled to Sultanate of Oman and worked at Oman company for Artistic and Advertising Production and worked there also as an illustration painter and cartoonist for Al-watan Omani Newspaper then he came back once again to Egypt where he participated in a lot of films and animation series at several cartoon studios like Al-sehr Studio for Animation, Gemny Studio, Baby Cartoon Studio, Zamzam Media, Imprint Studio who achieved his most important artistic achievements.

As for the prizes he won the bronze medal for his film "fly" produced by Higher Institute of cinema at Ismailia International Festival in 1990 and this film was his graduation project.

He also got the world medal for his series "you Know Why" produced by Egyptian Television and executed by Imprint studios from Cairo International Festival for Television and it was the first international prize ever won for an Egyptian cartoon in a world festival.

He directed "Zakzoka"60 series for two Ramadan seasons produced by the Egyptian Television and executed by Imprint studios and he directed also "Abla Fadila" Cartoon Series for Specialized Channels Sector.

He also received the bronze medal for his program "Read for Your Child" from Cairo International Festival for Television and nowadays he directs a cartoon series "Thousand Nights and Night" about the eternal radio drama produced  by the Egyptian Television, specialized channels.

He also worked as a press painter in a lot of Egyptian and Arabic newspapers and Magazines such as Good Morning and Rosa Al-youssef magazines and Al-badeel and Cairo Egyptian newspapers and Al-watan Omani Paper.

He works now as a director of cartoons on Egyptian Television, Specialized Channels Sector.