Said Kamel Salem

Certificates :-

In 1987 he received the highest scientific degree given by University of California Arts in USA from school of Film and Video, Graphic Department for experimental film .

In 1980 he got high studies diploma from Higher Institute of Cinema, Academy of Arts, Department of Animation, very good grade .

In 1977 he got the Bachelor of Higher Institute of Cinema, Academy of Arts, Decoration Department , Animation Division, his grade was very good with honors and excellent for his graduation project "The Deal" film .

Artistic Works :-

1974 – 1980 he performed animation advertisements at "Limo Film" Company for Media Production .

In 1975 he designed a poster by the title "explosion" in the first world women year, UNESCO.

1978 – 1981 he worked at Moheeb Studio, animated  advertisements .

In 1980 he directed, animated and filmed an animated film entitled "the Mouth" produced by the cinema organization under the supervision of PHD MadcoorThabet .

In 1985 he worked as a free artist in many works of art in the cinematic field and video as a graphic designer of propaganda and advertisements as well as graphic tricks and arts .

- He took part in a lot of artistic exhibitions through his paintings and photographs .

- He designed wall advertisements for some American Plays .

- He also designed the cover of album "CD" for some singers and American or foreign musical bands .

- A poster by the title "Poise" was designed by him to express Egypt for  UNESCO, USA .

- In 1978 he was appointed at the higher Institute of cinema as a lecturer at animation Department .

1977 – 1980 he gave lessons to the American Students at summer period for teaching cinematic and literary arts, American University in Cairo .

- In 1987 the library of California Arts University bought and got the two films (Un – Deux, Happy Birthday) in order to teach them to the students who have the same speciality .

1987 – 2008 he worked as a free artist in a lot of films and graphic designs in USA .

- He taught at 6th October University, Faculty of Applied Arts, School of Media in the academic  year 2010/2011.

- He taught at Faculty of Information, Al-nahda University, Bani Sweif governorate .

- He works as a professor emeritus at Higher Institute of Cinema, Animation Division, Academy of Arts .

- He's the President of Computer Graphic Unit, Academy of Arts .

Prizes :-

- In 1975 he got the 3rd prize of the competition which was between artistic faculties and universities of Egypt under the supervision of UNESCO in the first world women year about a poster entitled "Explosion" .

- In 1978 he received a prize from the festival for Documentary and short films for an animation film by the title "The Deal" within the films of the higher Institute of Cinema .

- In 1978 he won the 3rd prize of the 4th slect festival at the Academy of Arts for film and video drama in Budapest, Hungary and this contest was between 64 schools of cinema from all over the world .

- In 1980 he received a prize at Hosseca Festival , Spain for a film entitled "the Mouth" .

- In 1980 he won a prize and a medal at the Ismailia Festival for Documentary Films .

- In 1988 he received the 19thSinkinGrek Festival prize for his film "Un - Deux" .

- In 1988 he won the 19thSinkinGrek Festival prize for his film "Happy  Birthday" .