Shawky Hegab

He was born on 7th August 1946 in Al-matarya Town, Al-daqahlya governorate.

- He's a director at Cairo's Puppet Theater (to the degree of a capable artist), a poet of Arabic Slang and his literary works have been dedicated to children, a children and script writer as well as a consultant of audio-visual aids to the United Nations since 1985, he has been also a consultant of audio-visual aids to the World Committee of Red Cross since 1993, a child art advisor to Zeni Film Saudi Company in Tunisia from 1979 to 1984, he's also a member of Cinematic Professions Syndicate, a member of Higher Committee for childhood and Motherhood in Egypt, a member of the Committee of Family and Child, Radio and Television Union, Egypt .

- He was the President of the First Festival of Children's Theater in Fayom Governorate, 2010.

- He was also the President of Village Child Festival affiliated to General Organization for Cultural Palaces in 2014, a member of the Jury of Cairo Festival of Arab Media .

Radio Works :-

He wrote (Thousand Days and Day)episodes for Monte Carlo and Arab voice radios and they were produced by the International Committee of Red Cross in 1993, (the little Arab) series for Arab voice radio from 1971 to 1974, (The Flea Nono) series for the people radio in 1969.

Films :-

He wrote (Green Sindbad) film in 1983, (Baghdad the Song of Times)documentary film in 1986 which was produced by United Nations and he was the director of this film at the same time .

Television Works :-

He wrote more than thousand songs most of them were for children in Egypt and Arab World including the songs and titles of Sesame World Program which w produced by Karma Company in partnership with Sesame Street Group, He was the author of (Paradise Birds) Program which was one of the most Important Children Programs of Egyptian Television from 1966to1980 and the characters (Arnob,Bocloz,Dabdob,Cookycak,Dokdok,Bisbes ho,Farcash) were from his own creation,he also wrote (Toys Toys) Series for Egyptian Television Children from 1968 to 1971, (TokTakTok) Series for Egyptian Television Children  from 1972 to 1974, he wrote and directed The Children Series (CookyCak) first part and second part for The Egyptian Television from 1968 to 2001, he wrote and supervised the direction of Children Series (Dokdok) which was produced by The Egyptian Television in 2006, he wrote The Television Series (One Thousand Days and Day) with the songs (graphic) and they were produced by The Egyptian Television in 2010, he wrote also (TotaNena) Series with the songs which were narrated before bedtime by KarimaMokhtar and NahlaYassin and The Producer was Matrix Company with Media Production City in 2013 .

Theatrical Works :-

He wrote "The Diaries of a Leaping Tiger" play with the songs and it was performed at Cairo Puppet Theater in 1983 (it was translated into Romanian Language), he wrote also and directed (When Ferkesh Loses Weight) with the songs (Puppets) at Cairo Puppet Theater in 2007, he wrote "The Sun comes back operetta" with the songs (Production Sector) Egypt 2001, he wrote the songs of The New Cairo Coral which were composed by Ammar Alsheraiy

Prizes and Certificates of Appreciation :-

A lot of them were received from The Egyptian or World Festivals and Organizations the most important :-

- A ProtocolPhD from United Nations for The total of his works in 1986

- Leipzig Film Festival Prize for (Al-almby) film in 1978

- Cartage Film Festival Prize for "Strings Fantasy" film in 1978

- United Nations Prize for "Baghdad the Song of Times" film in 1986

- The golden creativity prize from Radio and Television Festival for (writing and directing cookyCak Series in 2002

- He was awarded by Cairo International Festival for Children's Cinema in 2010 and 2015

- He was also awarded by the General Organization for Culture Palaces for the total of his works in 2010

- He was awarded by National Center for Child Culture as one of the Pioneers of  

Children Theater in 2010

- He was the founder of Shawky Hegab Play Group for Children Theater .