Sherif Mounir

Birth : he was born in El-Mansoura city, El-Dakahlia governorate on 14th May 1959 , he has got the bachelor degree from higher institute of Dramatic Arts, Department of Acting in 1986 and he's got married to Mrs Lora and he has had 4 sons and girls (Asmaa - Fouad - Faridda - Kamilya).

Professional Experience :

  At first he was a good drums player but the deceased poet Salah Jahin advised him to study acting so he joined Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts and tended to be an actor and his first film was entitled "caution is a duty" where he played in front of Ahmed Zaki the famous artist then he took part in the episode "journey of million" with Mohamed Sobhy in 1984 .


His success was very high in "El-Kitkat" film in 1991 where he was the pioneer in youth cinema and he was subsequently the hero in "disco disco" film in 1994 but it did not achieve the desired success .

In 1998 he appeared for the second time with Ahmed Zaki through "Hystirya" film after 7 years of "El-Kitkat" and later on he continued in acting and played many films and he was very famous specially after "short, flannel and cap" film .

Sherif Mounir has participated in many successful plays and films and he became a star and this made him choose carefully the acts which show two criteria, the quality and adding the new and different characters .

His most famous films were "Sleepless Nights", "Wega", "The Devils", "Cousins", "Altourbiny", "Reference Point", "Cut and affixed" ..etc .

He also presented many Television animated works like "Stories of Man in Koran", "Stories of Animals in Koran".

He also played many television episodes like "a journey of million", "the thief whom I love", "a dead heart", "out of the world" in addition to many plays like "Alabanda", "this is okay", "wrap me up".

Awards: he has attained many awards as an actor for example the First Role Best Actor Award from the Festival Cinema Film Association in 2009 , the Best Actor Award from the Festival of Egyptian Cinema Oscar as well as the Creative Remarkable Acting Award for his film "Cousins", Best Actor Award for his film "Sleepless Nights" in Arab Cinema Finally, the first Dramatic Actor Award for his role in episode "a dead heart" and he took part in many animated works .