An Artist - Hanan Motawie

She was born in Cairo, from two Egyptian parents, who one of the most famous artists, Karam Motawea and Soheir El Morshedy. She has contributed by her works in upgrading the Egypt status in international festivals; where she was one of the candidates (About 150 universal actresses) for the Universal Francophonic Award as the best actress, second role, in the film (Before Spring) directed by Ahmed Aatef in 2015.

Hanan Motawie has passed the first competition and reached the final competition among five best actresses all over the world.


-  She was the best new face in the series (Hadeth El-Sabah W El-Masa) and has been given the Best Actress Award by the Catholic Centre for the series (Cut &Paste) in 2007. She has attained the Best Actress Award – Second Role by A.R.T Channel for the seial (Awlad Elshaware) and has been given the Best Actress Award in the People and Cinema Magazine Festival for the serial(Hadeth El-Sabah W El-Masa). Moreover, she has been called the Theatre New Lady after presenting the play (Confused Sultan). 

Her Most Important Works in Animation: -

She has performed, by her own voice, many animated works including (Animal Stories in Quran) “Camel Story” and (Human Stories in Ouran) “Paradise Owner Story”; for which she has attained certificates from Radio and Television.

Animated Works in Progress:-

She has played the main role “Hatshepsut” of the film (Son’s Daughter), written by Khaled Gamal, directed by Sameh El Sharqawy and produced by Baby Film Company “Fayza Hussein”.


She has participated in the series(Sindebad) “Witch” role, the series(Hadeth El-Sabah W El-Masa) written by Naguib Mahfouz, scenario by Mohsen Zayed and directed by Ahmed Sakr in 2001, the series(Amira fi Abdeen) written by Osama Anwar Okasha and directed by Ahmed Sakr, the series (Bint min Shubra) directed by Gamal Abdelhamid, the series (Elset Aseelah) directed by samy Mohamed Ali, the series (Awlad El Shaware) directed by Shereen Adel, the series (Azmat Sokar) directed by Ahmed El Badry, the series ( Aghla Men Hayati) directed by  Mostafa Elshal, the series (Dahsha) directed by Shady El Fakharany, the series (Mahmud El Masry) directed by Magdy Abu Omira and etc.


She has participated in the film (Ewaa Weshak) by Saeed Hamed, the film (Sayad Al Yamam) by Ismail Mourad, the film (Midnight Party) by Mahmud Kamel, the film (Forest) by Ahmed Aatef, the film (Al Kashash) by Ismail Farouk, the film (After Flood) by Hazem Metwally, the film (Before Spring) by Ahmed Aatef and etc.


She has participated in the play (A Food for Each Mouth) written by Tawfīq Al-akīm and directed by Mohamed Metwally, the play (A Day From This Age) written bySaadallah Wannous and directed by Amr Dawarah, the play (Confused Sultan) written by Tawfīq Al-akīm and directed by Aasem Nagaty as well as the play (I Am The President) tackled and directed by Mohsen Rizk.

Hanan Motawie has been honored for all her works that are characterized by her innovative performance in acting; especially in the field of the animated cartoon.