Ahmed Saad

Birth: He was born on January 15, 1940 in Port Said city; he has attained a bachelor of Fine Arts in 1965 and a postgraduate diploma in animation with a grade Very Good.

Works and Positions:  He was appointed in Television in 01/01/1966 as he managed to have his position by designing several series and programs prologues from 06/01/1968 to 30/06/1974. He was an officer with a Captain rank in the Armed Forces where he has advanced gradually till he has reached to the highest military unit in his armament level. He has taken part in War of Attrition as well as the Arab – Israeli War of 1973. In late 1972, he has participated in establishing an animation department inside Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek where he has been delegated to be an instructor. In 01/07/1974, he was designated as a teacher in King Abdulaziz University (KAU) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has come back to the Television and has directed many works of art. In 23/08/1982, he travelled to the Federal Republic of Germany to have a training grant, and directed a film achieving a first class among 23 world countries. He has been appointed a head of Animation, Designs and services Section in the Animation Department of Television. In 01/07/1984, he became a first director, and in late 07/1984 he has been delegated again to Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as a director as well as a teacher of TV direction subject. In the late 06/1986, he has come back again to the Television and directed several successful works of art. In the late 1986, he has been delegated again to Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, as well as TV & Radio Institute as a teacher of the animation subject. He has been moved to the production sector with the same position in 01/01/1990, and then he has been designated as a chief of animation department of the production sector in 01/08/1992. When the dubbing studio was established in 01/10/1992, he was designated as a first director for dubbing the cartoon as he has a great experience in this field.

Works Directed by Him

*Films in the Form of Songs

He has participated in the graphics and animation of the first popular song with appropriate Egyptian characters including the Pair Horse & Car – Ya Hadret El Omda – Ahlef Bi Smaha Wi Turabha – Abul Fasad Birthday Operetta – Hen &Nestlings “ Live Animation” – Sun & Moon “Live Animation” – Tea Pot – Mashya El Sanioura – Mesho My Friend – Ya Wabour Ya Mouwala – El Murgiha.

signia of production Sector.

*Counseling Films

Look right and look left before crossing the road – Canal One Minute, Please – Country Farmers Family Planning – The Breakfast Cannon.

*Series and Programs Prologues

 He has participated in the Prologue of Open Day program – Prologue of Motherhood & Childhood program – Prologue of Tiger program – Prologue of Forest series– Prologue of Roads series– Prologue of Men Speech serial.

*Programs   *Short Films broadcasted between Programs

Boy and First Channel Letters – Boy and Kunafa – Boy Playing Ball – Boy playing in pairs and individually – Candle and Bell – Dolug, Admah and TV – Suez Canal -  Spring Festival day (Sham El Niseem).

*Dubbing Works Directed by Him

“ Mabit Beeze” series– “Dinosaurs” series– “Fruits” series– “ Ayman, Our Jolly Good Teacher” series.

*Awards: He has been given the Golden Award in the Television Festival, 1997 for the song (Ya Wabour Ya Mouwala) “Animated Cartoon”, and the First Award of Artist Innovation for 6th October activities; the song (Ahlef Bi Smaha Wi Turabha).