Mustafa Hussein

* 1959 Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University - Drawing Department
* 1952 Began his journalistic career at Dar El Hilal and co-designed the cover of the "al-Ithnein" magazine

From 1926 until 1963, he workedas a caricaturist at the Al-Masaa newspaper and then from 1974until his death in August 2014 he joined the AkhbarAlyoum News Foundationwith itsvarious publications

* Together with the great writer Ahmed Ragabhe formed abrilliantteam. They worked for many years presentingremarkablecaricatures at AkhbarAlyoum,with Ahmed Ragabproviding the idea and Mustafa Hussein holding the feather.
* Made the drawings ofmany children's books in Egypt and the Arab world
* Beingdistinguished in drawingcaricatures,Mustafa Hussein also contributed in the world of animation;he excelled in designing and drawingmovie charactersthat are consideredto be among the most important animation produced in Egypt, including a film directed by WalidEl Masryand Ali Moheebon the October war.
* 1965 Participated in the drawing of animated film characters "TeeTee and Rashwan",a production by the Cinema Foundation.
* The "Love is..." caricatures in AkhbarAlyoum,an idea by Ahmed Ragab, were made by artist Ahmed Saadinto an animation series, design by Mustafa Hussein,animated and directed by Ahmed Saad
* Held variouspositions, including:
- President of the Egyptian Society for Caricatures
- Editor-in-Chief for the magazine “Caricature”
- Chosen head of the fine artists syndicate in 2002
* Published his drawings in many countries of the world, was describedby caricature artists to be one of the most important and the best caricaturists in the world.Hisname is mentioned in the Guinness Book under most outstanding Egyptian figures.
* Won numerous awards and accolades, including: -
- Order of Distinction of the first degree in 1985
- State Incentive Awardfor Arts in 1985
- State Appreciation Award in the Arts in 2003