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13th Cairo International Animation Forum
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Participaties 13th Cairo International Animation Forum

Coucou Tchoutchou - 2021
Coucou Tchoutchou» is EXACTLY like our world. Try to see.
J+A Philippou - 60-year anniversary- 2021
A journey through the history of the J+A Philippou family of architects and engineers, as they celebrate their 60th anniversary.
The Boy Who Talked to Angels-2022
Mr. Sen has recently joined “Immaculate Hearts School” as a teacher and has already become a favourite amongst his students due to his charming and caring nature.
Dozens of Norths
This is a record of the people the director met in the North. However, his memory is fragmented and does not get the point at all.
Little Boy Litter - 2021
Little Boy Litter pedals and pilfers his way around the countryside in search of treasure among the trash that has been dumped in his locality.
Few Hours -2022
Two people›s trains of thought, transitioning from one memory to another.
Hungry - 2021
A hungry schoolmistress reprimands the cafetaria›s food lovers. Until the call of the shrimp-mayonnaise becomes the strongest!
Searching for the Key
Commercial advertisement for games competitions.
What a Wonder! -2021
While searching for fishing bait, two kids catch a talking sandworwho leads them at ebb tide to a treasure in the Watt.
Can You See Them? -2021 -
A boy suffering from schizophrenia. After witnessing the killing of a deer in the woods, he flees home in panic. Along the way, a series of strange situations occur that further effect on boy›s condition.
Duck Lake - 2022
When Miss Swan, the star of «Swan Lake» gets too drunk to go on stage, her ambitious stage manager Miss Duck does everything she can in order to save the show.
Aqualia 2021
In an underwater robotics test pool, a machine infected by an unknown biological conglomerate conducts a fatal manoeuvre.