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13th Cairo International Animation Forum
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Participaties 13th Cairo International Animation Forum

Mouse House - 2022
A gluttonous mouse traps himself in a cheese wheel while his starving friend stranded outside must contend with a hungry cat.
Gleam of hope - (Stop motion)
: It expresses gratitude to the people who entered our lives in a time of adversity and did not abandon us.
Power Paladin - Creatures of the Night1-2021
Official music video for Icelandic power-metal band, POWER PALADIN
Nirvana and Kebab - 2022
Due to an accident, the man›s ride at the amusement park has stopped. No one knows when it will be up and running again.
An advertisement in the categry of Musical Advertisements, the director rearranged the old song «El Raghel De Haiganini».
Charlie the Cat
It tells the story of a naughty cat who faces risks.
What a Wonder! -2021
While searching for fishing bait, two kids catch a talking sandworwho leads them at ebb tide to a treasure in the Watt.
A Mar- Colombia - 2022
William McDuffie, a sailor, who during several of his trips through the Caribbean, sings his love stories to his sailors, and how he finds it and realizes what it really means.
Theo the Water Tower-2021
: Every morning, Theo the water tower cries and disturbs the village's peace. Robert and his dog try to cheer him up by singing songs.
Iris - 2020
A vain young girl named Iris who falls in love with her own image, until one day she disappears in a bathtub.
We Will Rock You
It tells about victory in the battle for the first round or the next, or will the virus rock them all?
The Reincarnated Giant -2021
Billionaire Mr. Konkai decides to reincarnate himself into a giant baby, and it has become a God-like figure whose breathe and growth become all human being's only living purpose.