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14th Cairo International Animation Forum
ملتقي القاهرة الدولي للرسوم المتحركة الدورة الرابعة عشر

Participaties 14th Cairo International Animation Forum

In the Land of Lost Dreams
A survival of the Falklands War tells his story: the tale of a man whose dreams were shattered as a teenager due to an unequal conflict
Appu -Elephant Lives Matter
A story of an elephant, born on a starlit night in the Upavan forests in India. The newborn - has extraordinary ability and "Thathi", the yogic matriarch called him APPU.
Bad Decisions
Commercial for poor reasoning and corresponding faulty actions.
Gathering Tour
There was a woman who wrapped herself in a mysterious cloak and left her comfort zone. she wandered through the haze country, bounced from one character head to another.
Apres Papi
Haunted by the terrifying ghost of his grandpa, Loup, a little boy obsessed with insects, will have to outcome his fear to discover why it came back.
Listen to Us
An Arabic song in sign language for the hearing impaired and deaf persons.
On a cool summer night, animals with eyes full of light leave the forest to venture into the alleys neighbourhood. Four children sneak out of their beds, and stars begin to fall from the sky.
An important societal crime is female genital mutilation.
A story of a boy getting Dream of future earth effected with global warming.
Hekima Ya Usawa
Usawa, a young African warrior, uses the wisdom of his ancestors to become who he really is in order to defend his motherland.
A struggle between a boy and a squirrel over a golden apple, and the surprise is the destiny of this apple.
Sometimes friendship is born from a bouquet of flowers... and from the encounter between childhood and old age