Regulations Animation Forum TalaatHarbCultural Centre

1- Organizers: Cultural Development Fund, Egyptian Animation Society

2- Duration: The forum is organized regularly each year in February.

3- General objectives: The Forum is intended to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Drawing attention of the audience to the importance of art of animation.
  2. Developing artistic taste of the audience and people form the animated film industry as well as exchanging experience through meeting with foreign cultures during many various screenings and workshops.
  3. Supporting of cooperation and communication at the Egyptian, Arabic and international level between animated film industry people through participation in The Forum Arabic and non-Arabic countries.
  4. Development of artistic and technical skills of the young directors and encouraging emerging artist through screening of their first artistic trials.
  5. Opening of new markets for companies and producers working in this field to exchange works and experience.
  6. Competitions:
    1. First Prize Competition
    2. Animated Films Competition
    3. Animated Series Competition
    4. Innovative Trial Competition
    5. Long Feature Animated Films Competition
    6. Animated Commercials Competition
    7. Film and Series Credits Competition
    8. children workshops competition

5- Animated Films Market

On the sideline of The Forum, Animated Film Market will be organized to exchange films among production and distribution companies.

6- Screenings of animated films

On the sideline of the Forum exhibition of the film pictures and drawings as well as production accessories, scenography and credits backgrounds will be organized.

7- Seminars

On the sideline of The Forum, seminars with participations of the pioneers working in the animated film production field as well as other meeting posing questions about difficulties, challenges and new horizons of the animated films production.

8- Workshops

On the sideline of The Forum workshops with artists will be organized.

9- Recognition

Every year The Forum honors outstanding artists working in the animated films industry.

10- Awards

The Forum awards the following prizes:

  1. Money award and medal for every first and second prize in all competitions of the Forum
  2. Certificates and medals:
    1. The best idea
    2. The best design
    3. The best music
    4. The best scenario
    5. The best animation
    6. The best scenography
  3. Oscars of the Forum

11- Committees

  1. Supreme Organization Committee, headed by the president of the Fund and with the members as follow: the president of Egyptian Animation Society, director of TalaatHarb Culture Center and two outstanding Egyptian directors of artists form animated films field.
  2. Jury, headed by the president of Egyptian Animation Society and with four members form outstanding Egyptian directors of artists form animated films field. Voting according to simple majority of votes rule. The president of the jury cannot restrain form voting. In the case of a draw jury president choice wins.
  3. Public relation committee; the committee is responsible for organizing seminars, conferences and distributing of the certificates.
  4. Artistic Committee; the committee is responsible for organizing screenings, exhibitions and artistic workshops.
  5. Terms of participation
    1. The Forum accepts its competitions all animated films, series, credits and commercials regardless of the production technique. There is no maximum time limit but film shouldn’t be shorter than 1 minute. Films with offensive or disturbing the public order of A.R.E. content or containing religious or political references will not be accepted.
    2. Submitted films cannot be older than two years form their production in Egypt or any other country. The same applies to students projects and films of emerging directors.
    3. Ministries of Culture form Egypt and any other country have the right to propose participation in the Forum to specialized organization and societies. Directors and producers may attend the Forum in the Forum either in their own name or in the name of the organization they are representing.
    4. Competitors may submit only one film to the same competition.
    5. Films that were present at the former editions of the Forum will not be accepted.
    6. Cultural Development Fundreserves the right to keep a copy to screen it later in the Cultural Center belonging to it.
    7. Application form.

    8. Films should be submitted on DVD discs till 30 -12- 2017 to TalaatHarb Culture Center:

SayedaNafisa 1 St. in fornt of Maghribi Hospital

Tel: 23622647

Fax: 23628174